Corporate Finance

Total Addressable Market (TAM)

This guide will look at the concept of total addressable market (or TAM for short). Our focus is on giving business owners a practical understanding of TAM and how it can impact their strategy as well as the valuation range for their business.

Intro To Commercial Banking

This guide explains what commercial banking is and explains commercial banking products and services.

Investment Banking Underwriting Services

This guide explains what underwriting is and the role of investment banks in the underwriting process.

Intro To Investment Banking

This article explains what investment banking is and explains what various investment banking services are.

Primary Vs Secondary Market

This guide explains what the primary market and secondary market are. We will look at the purpose of these markets, the participants in them, and how they function.

Types of Banks

This guide introduces readers to the four types of banks and explains the difference between them. We will also look at the various ways that these banks can be organized.

Vendor Financing

This guide explains what vendor notes are and explains how vendor financing works. It goes into detail about how these arrangements are structured and why they are beneficial.