Porter's Five Forces

Porter's Five Forces

An image of skyscrapers competing for the skyline depicting the competitive analysis of Porter's Five Forces.

Key Takeaways About Porter's Five Forces

This guide is designed to explain what Porter's Five Forces is and how it is used in the strategic analysis of a business. Here are some key takeaways about Porter's Five Forces:

  • Porter's Five Forces is a framework used to understand the competitive forces that shape an industry.
  • It was first published by Michael Porter in 1980 and has since gained widespread adoption in the consulting and finance industries because of its usefulness.
  • The framework looks at an industry through five lenses: barriers to entry, buyer's bargaining power, threat of substitutes, supplier's bargaining power, and the overall level of rivalry and competition within the industry.
  • In this guide, we will also look at the concept of industry lifecycle to better understand how this aids us in using Porter's Five Forces to better understand how industries compete.

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